1. "Messiah died in the middle of the month, the middle of Nisan, a special time in the Hebrew month, was the time of the full moon. Messiah’s body was put in the tomb at the full moon. It’s very significant. In the ancient Hebrew marriage ceremony, the groom would go to the bride’s house, pledge himself to her and give a price, a gift of his love, the mohar, which set her free. The mohar was often given at the full moon. So Messiah died at the full moon during the month of Nisan, which means the beginning. Why? Because He is the bridegroom. Just as the full moon was rising over Jerusalem, He said it is finished. He gave His life because He was paying the mohar, the price for you, setting you free from the old life. Walk today in the power of newness, because the price has been paid for you in full."

    ~Jonathan Cahn, HopeoftheWorld.org

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  2. Kazan Cathedral and wonder-working Icon of Our Lady of Kazan

    (Photos: dramoor © 2014 St. Petersburg, Russia)


  3. "I am so sorry to all the people I hurt while I was hurting."

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    Me, too.

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  4. Dormition Icon in the main church of the Pechori Cave Monastery, Russia

    (© dramoor 2014 Pskov, Russia)


  6. "The cross is the most beautiful love poem that has ever been recited."
    — Fr. Jeffry Artavia (via dicoqui)

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